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Simply Vaastu: For positive energy at home

Posted on December 29, 2013 at 2:15 AM

Simply Vaastu: For positive energy at home


The application of Vaastu rules in maintaining a house is crucial since they are responsible for positive energy and prosperity.


Here are a few tips for our readers:


*Always have bright lights and use good odours in homes. This will control the unpleasant odours and negative vibrations, which drain the flow of money and positive energy.




*The windows of the home should be kept open at least for some hours to have fresh energy and air, which is necessary of one's overall development Sweeping the floor should be done towards the inside of the house. Never direct the cleaning action towards the main door. This will cause reduction in wealth.


*All the doors should be open fully. A door opened partly will limit the opportunities and affect the ability to make a good and comfortable living.


*Always sleep with firm wall behind the head. This will motivate you to succeed in your daily life.


*Windows are never recommended behind the head A pond in the garden area is a very good creator of positive energy but if not maintained well it creates negative energy. If it is not possible to take care of the pond, close it to avoid adverse effects.


*Keep open all the curtains of doors and windows during daytime. But close it during the night since darkness brings in bad luck.


*Large trees close to the house and near the door will draw positive energy of the home. So trim or cut the branches and keep them away from walls.


*If the desk or computer is against a wall it may adversely affect the progress of your career. So always keep them at a distance from the wall.

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