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Vision of Sampurna Vaastu

Sampurna vaastu is making a global presence felt with the purpose of spreading awareness of Vaastu for the growth of an individual and at an organisational level with the help of vaastu. We aim to do this through our Website, Radio Shows and Meditation workshops and visits.

For this purpose we are in the process of creating the Sampurna Vaastu a Research center.

Where we will continue with our study on vaastu search and growth in meditation center for peace and harmony.

Sampurna Vaastu are committed to make this valuable knowledge of Vaastu available to each individual, This way they can identify and manifest their core purpose of being on the planet, and thus, contribute towards making their own life as well as making this world more joyous and happy.

Each hurdle in the process of evolution is unnatural; Nature is desperate for your growth each moment and keeps all her powers and resources ready all the time. With Sampurna vaastu, you can not only experience the state of bliss yourself but also make this world more blissful & beautiful for others.

The purpose of Sampurna Vaastu is to gather research-work done on the mysteries of Mother Nature in past centuries; make that knowledge usable in contemporary life style; and then develop a system to preserve this knowledge so that it could be systematically handed over to coming generations.

Om Sai Ram.

SampurnaVaastu LLC.

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